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Academic Progression

Minimum GPAs

The following standards of scholarship have been established and must be maintained by the student:

  • Any term of attendance: 2.00 cumulative GPA

  • A term of attendance is defined as a student who is officially enrolled in a class at Census Day of the term.

Failure to fulfill the minimum cumulative GPA at the end of any term results in, at minimum, academic probation. To qualify for graduation, a student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 overall and a GPA of at least 2.25 (some departments require a higher GPA) in the major or minor based upon a minimum of two-thirds A-F graded credit hours.

Academic Probation and Suspension

Academic probation will be imposed primarily related to a failure to meet minimum GPA requirements. Failure to fulfill the minimum cumulative GPA at the end of any term as outlined above will result in automatic academic probation. Stipulations for academic probation may include: limiting a student’s academic load during the subsequent term, having activity programs limited, and/or following certain prescribed procedures, such as required class attendance and use of various academic resources available on campus. Students who do not abide by stated expectations may be suspended and/or administratively withdrawn from the University.

Academic suspension from the University may be imposed upon students when considering a number of factors such as, but not limited to, overall academic performance, likelihood of future success at the University, requisite effort devoted to one’s academic experiences, and previous instances of academic dishonesty. In cases of academic suspension and probation, the merits of the individual case are carefully weighed by the Academic Progression Committee. Students should follow the Academic Grievance policies to dispute the Committee’s findings.

Writing Course Sequence

Each student's ACT score, cumulative high school or transfer GPA and performance on a designated placement test are reviewed to determine placement in an appropriate writing course. More details on this placement process can be found in "The Academic Core Experience" section of this document.

Students placed in WRI099: College Reading and Wring must be enrolled in the course during their first semester. Students who successfully complete WRI099, enroll in WRI101: Composition I and then WRI102: Composition 2. Students that are unsuccessful in WRI099 will be required to repeat the course the following semester and will be placed on Academic Probation. Students who do not successfully complete the course after two attempts are placed on academic suspension.

As a developmental course, WRI099: College Reading and Wring will calculate into the student’s GPA, but will not count toward degree requirements. The course will calculate toward full time status in regards to financial aid and other eligibility requirements.

Academic Progress Requirements for Scholarships and Financial Aid

In order to receive or renew scholarships, federal and/or state financial aid, a student must meet certain academic requirements. These requirements are detailed in the Financial Aid Guide that was mailed with the student’s Award Letter. It is the student’s responsibility to know, understand, and comply with these requirements.

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